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Wolf and Lamb Steakhouse Brooklyn – The premier Kosher Steakhouse & Restaurant in Brooklyn – New York


Catering Menu

Wolf & Lamb is proud to offer catering for all occasions. Whether you require an impeccable business lunch or hosting a party at home you will be pleased with our wide variety of delicious catering options. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and a service first approach. Please feel free to contact our catering manager regarding any special needs or requests.

Assorted Starters 18 per person

choice of three of the following;
texas chicken tenders – salsa roja picante,
chicken rumaki – chipotle BBQ sauce,
veal sliders – wild mushroom gravy,
hanger steak tacos – cilantro guacamole

Featured Salads 50 each (serves 6)

mesclun salad, balsamic vinaigrette, baby heirloom tomatoes
kale caesar salad, fennel, radish, roasted garlic, anchovy dressing

Corporate Delicatessen Sandwich Platter 19 per person

assorted delicatessen meats served on artisanal breads.
Includes corned beef, romanian pastrami, slow braised brisket, oven roasted turkey breast.
served with potato salad, coleslaw, sour and half sour pickles.

Artisinal Sandwiches 26 per person

tuscan chicken or salmon sandwich basil olive oil
pulled BBQ brisket chipotle bbq sauce
hanger steak sandwich soy tabasco mayo

served with your choice of homemade fries, garlic mashed potato, or herb basmati rice

Fresh Pasta 160 half (serves 6) 320 Full (serves 12)

Veal Bolognese Gnocchi

Fresh From the Sea 180 Half (serves 6) 360 Full (serves 12)

grilled filet of salmon herb chimichurri
pepper crusted tuna steak balsamic reduction
striped bass wild mushroom and asparagus pan sauce
served with baby mesclun greens and herb basmati rice


crudites with basil mayo 11
homemade fries 8
spicy fries 8
sweet potato Fries 8
onion rings 10
garlic mashed potato 8
baked potato/ sweet potato 5
basmati rice 7
mesclun salad 12
herb grilled vegetables 12
grilled asparagus 11
sauteed spinach 11

Delicatessen (by the lb.)

Wolf & Lamb proudly prepares in-house; oven roasted turkey, corned beef brisket in the original European tradition

oven roasted turkey 28
homemade corned beef 34
romanian pastrami 30
brisket pastrami (lean) 38
half loaf of classic pullman rye 6

Poultry Trio 150 Half (serves 6) 300 Full (serves 12)

lemon tarragon marinated chicken breast herb jus
roast chicken provencal herb de provence, fresh garlic
stuffed chicken breast kale, wild mushroom, fennel
served with herb basmati rice, baby mesclun greens, and herb roasted cherry tomato

Black Angus Steak Platter 240 Half (serves 6) 480 Full (serves 12)

illinois ribeye steak wild mushroom gravy (8 oz.)
pepper crusted filet mignon cabernet reduction
hanger steak herb chimmichuri
served with baby mesclun greens and garlic mashed potato


seasonal Fresh Fruit platter 12
chef Marco’s homemade desserts and pastries 13


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